Just after this course, I feel I have the confidence now to go back and treat patients with a wide array of treatments we’ve learned. Whether its laser hair removal, tattoo removal or even cool sculpting. I actually have the confidence now to do that on my own.

Dr. Kiran Mian

Dermatology Resident

I know Dr Kirby is a leading authority in the laser field and it is amazing to be able to get this training with him one-on-one but also through online material. Now that I have completed all 16 hours of APW, I feel completely confident that I can go into any dermatology office and let them know I’m certified and that I know what I’m doing. I can’t wait to get started.

Corey Ordoyne


I really enjoyed the workshop because I got a lot of hands on experience, feel a lot more confident using all the various devices, the lasers and using Botox and injectable fillers.

Dr. Conrad Benedetto

Dermatology Resident