Aesthetic Pro Workshop is an intensive and effective workshop that provides licensed health care professionals didactic and practical training in the most common and frequently requested aesthetic dermatology treatments, procedures and products.  APW training is available either online or in-person.

APW is designed to enable course participants to either launch or strengthen a career in aesthetic dermatology. Course participants gain significant insight into the world of didactic and practical aesthetic dermatology and the ability to navigate the aesthetic dermatology marketplace, all with an ultimate goal of offering aesthetic dermatology treatments to their own patients.

APW can be accessed in two ways: In-person or online. The APW in-person workshop is typically attended by licensed health care professionals (typically RNs, PAs, NPs, DOs and MDs as well as resident physicians) who are considering entering the aesthetic dermatology field or wish to incorporate aesthetics into their existing medical practice. Some established medical practices also send their clinical staff to APW to meet state training requirements. APW online participants may also include medical practice managers and aesthetic practice sales staff (non-health care providers) seeking in-depth knowledge of aesthetic dermatology treatments. Students, interns and residents who are currently enrolled in a health care professional schools but have not yet graduated as well as aestheticians, cosmetologists, laser techs (LTs) and dentists (DDS/DMD) interested in furthering their aesthetic dermatology knowledgebase and physicians seeking online CME credits have participated in the online version APW training as well.

Just like the start of any organization, APW was created because of the identification of an unmet need in  the marketplace; The founder of APW, renown physician-educator, Dr. Will Kirby, D.O., FAOCD, is a board-certified, aesthetic dermatologist whose medical acumen and teaching skills were so high in demand that he simply couldn’t meet all the in-person training requests he was receiving. Dr. Kirby noted that even the sharpest individual RNs, PAs, NPs and resident physicians in the country, as well as larger aesthetic dermatology groups, had no place to obtain fast, intense and legitimate aesthetic dermatology training. Recognizing that education is the foundation of medicine, Dr. Kirby decided to formalize and standardize aesthetic dermatology educational materials and make this sought-after health care field accessible to anyone who was seeking thorough and efficient aesthetic dermatology training.

Technology was created to make our lives easier and most class participants choose the online option as it doesn’t require travel or accommodations and can be completed on a participant’s own time line, in the comfort of his or her home. Some class participants however choose the two-day, in-person course which is offered on select back-to- back days in Beverly Hills, California. The didactic and practical material presented during in-person APW training is exactly the same as the material presented during  the online APW courses as is proof of participation and documentation.

Topics covered include the most frequently requested and common aesthetic dermatology procedures, treatments and products available Course Schedule.

Aesthetic clinicians face the constant challenge of keeping ahead of the curve in an evolving healthcare field. Thus, APW training materials are formulated by a team of aesthetic dermatology professionals including board-certified dermatologists, aesthetic nurse practitioners, aesthetic physician assistants and aesthetic registered nurses who, themselves, practice aesthetic dermatology on a daily basis and constantly monitor not only trends in aesthetic dermatology but also new products and techniques coming down the pike via dermatology-based medical literature and academic conferences. APW course materials are updated on a frequent basis and have been leveraged, and utilized, by many leading aesthetic dermatology practitioners in the field today.

Each of the eight APW courses is two hours in length. Thus, both the in-person and Online workshop APW options offer 16 hours of total possible training. Unlike the in-person APW version where participants must partake in the full two-day (16 hour) workshop, the Online workshop courses can be purchased a la carte (in the form of up to eight, two-hour courses).  Online APW participants can complete the courses they select on a timeline that is convenient to them. For the in-person training, all eight courses are addressed over a two-day period which takes place on select weekends.

APW provides training and education. All aspects of the practice of aesthetic dermatology for an individual are governed by the rules and regulations of his or her respective state. Please check with your state medical board or nursing board for that specific information and seek legal advice when applicable.

Please register online, select the courses you would like to participate in and pay the course fees. You will then receive your unique identifier code which will allow you to begin your online coursework at your convenience.

Please register online, select the dates you would like to participate and pay the course fee. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation and detailed instructions for your in-person training.

You can pay course fees by credit card or PayPal.

Any of the eight, individual, online, two-hour APW training courses cost just $300 each. Significant tiered discounts are applied when you purchase multiple online courses at the same time however. Thus, the more online courses you purchase, the larger the discount you will receive.

All attempts were made to keep APW trainee costs as low as possible so that healthcare practitioners of all walks of life could receive education in aesthetic dermatology. The in-person version of APW offers all eight, two-hours courses for a total of 16 hours of training and participants receive 16 CME credits at a cost of $100 per hour of training for a total of $1600.

For one course the cost is $300. For two courses the cost is $480 (a 20% discount).
For the three courses the cost is $675 (a 25% discount). For four courses the cost is $840 (a 30% discount).
For five courses the cost is $975 (a 35% discount).
For six classes the cost is $1080 (a 40% discount).
The cost of seven classes is $1155 (a 45% discount).
APW’s best value is obtained by purchasing all eight, online classes at a cost of just $1200 (a 50% discount compared to the price of purchasing the classes individually).

Possibly. Questions regarding insurance will need to be addressed by an insurance carrier or insurance broker but some malpractice insurance policies do offer discounts for formalized training like the type that APW offers. Please click here if you would like to connect with to a medical malpractice insurance provider to address your questions.

Absolutely – There are many ways to obtain aesthetic dermatology training and those options range widely in scope, content, value and practicality. But it is our contention that APW offers the fastest, most efficient, most effective, most convenient, proven means by which health care professionals can obtain aesthetic dermatology training. We encourage all prospective APW attendees to educate themselves on all training options available and ultimately choose the path that makes the most sense for their personal, individual needs.

All reasonable efforts have been made to make training as comprehensive and as detailed as possible while remaining unbiased and ethical. Under no circumstance is any of APW educational material unduly influenced by private or public companies. Although some training materials will naturally include specific products and treatment manufacturer names, references to aesthetic dermatology offerings are addressed from a generic standpoint whenever possible. Any future conflicts of interest as well as any disclosures of commercial support are fully disclosed.

Please feel free to email us ([email protected]). A member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. You can alternatively leave a message at  424-465-2791  and we will promptly return your call.

Both days of in-person training take place in Beverly Hills, California at our corporate office/training facility. The exact address is: 307 South Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90211.

Live patient-models will be present for all in-person training courses for demonstration purposes and APW course instructors will perform procedures on select models in the presence of the APW participants. Naturally didactic education will occur as well as live observation of all treatments. A practical portion allowing for some “hands on” treatments for licensed California clinicians participating in APW occurs during the in-person training. Injections performed during in-person training by the course instructors are “observational only” for APW participants.

Testament to the efficacy of APW training is the fact that all clinicians (LTs, RNs, NPs, PAs, and MDs/DOs) at LaserAway, the leading Aesthetic Dermatology group in the United States with over 30 clinics and over 200 clinicians, chooses to utilize APW to educate and train their clinical staff. Moreover,  please visit our “Testimonials” page to get honest feedback from some of the clinicians who have participated in APW training.