Objective: This training course will address the science and practical implementation of neuromodulator treatment.  After completing this training course the clinician should have a detailed understanding of neuromodulators in the aesthetic dermatology setting.

Course materials include: Pre-treatment checklist, safety checklist, implementation step by step guide, aftercare instructions, best practices and tips learned from Dr. Kirby and his disciples, and practical videos featuring implementation.

Overview of Training:

  • Background on Neuromodulators and Different Neuromodulators Available
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Three Most Common Injection Sites and Advanced Injection Sites
  • Facial Anatomy
  • Contraindications
  • Timeline
  • Safety
  • Patient Consultation and Assessment
  • Reconstitution, Injection Site Selection and Implementation
  • Anticipated Reaction, Aftercare Instructions and Adverse Reactions

Just after this course, I feel I have the confidence now to go back and treat patients with a wide array of treatments we’ve learned. Whether its laser hair removal, tattoo removal or even cool sculpting. I actually have the confidence now to do that on my own.

Dr. Kiran Mian / Dermatology Resident

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