Reasons to Obtain Aesthetic Dermatology Training Today

Many healthcare practitioners are stressed, under appreciated and overworked. But not all of us. Stop for a brief second and ask yourself, “who are the happiest medical providers”? Well the answer is right in front of you: the field of aesthetic dermatology has the highest self-reporting career satisfaction rate in all of healthcare. And here are the top ten reasons why they are satisfied with their careers and why obtaining aesthetic dermatology training might be right for you:

  1. Low Liability and Zero Patient Morbidity/Mortality:

     Aesthetic dermatology circumvents the morbidity and mortality that is ubiquitous in other health care specialties. Simply put, aesthetic dermatology patients are happy and healthy. After all, they aren’ t sick or in pain like the typical healthcare patient. They don’ t have chronic diseases to be managed nor do they have painful emergent conditions that need urgent management. Since aesthetic dermatology patients are healthy and since the treatments and procedures they seek are elective in nature and minimally invasive, patient dissatisfaction, and thus liability, is extremely low.

  2. Financially Rewarding:

    Aesthetic dermatology procedures and treatments are lucrative. Per The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, between 1997 and 2013 the total number of non-surgical cosmetic treatments performed increased by more than 500%. Patients pay “out of pocket” to receive aesthetic treatments and thus, aesthetic dermatology providers avoid the annoyances associated with insurance reimbursement. Moreover, the money generated by aesthetic treatments themselves can be substantial. While providing care to the less fortunate is a time honored tradition, the truth is that most of us need to work to maintain our lifestyles and choosing a lucrative healthcare field over a field that pays less probably makes a lot of sense for healthcare providers who are undecided as to which area of healthcare they want to participate in or to those looking to switch into a different healthcare field.

  3. Appreciation:

    Just because you can’ t measure something doesn't mean that it doesn' t exist. See, appreciation is one of the driving factors for job satisfaction and if you ask any healthcare provider who works in a traditional healthcare setting, he or she will tell you about the paucity of appreciation. Why? The red tape associated with the healthcare field frustrates not only clinicians, but patients too. And frustrated people simply aren’ t grateful and appreciative. But that isn’ t the case in aesthetic dermatology: Clinicians performing aesthetic dermatology treatments and procedures are greatly appreciated by their patients.

  4. Job Security:

    In the not-so-distant past patients concerned about their physical appearance were considered “vain”. But this just simply isn’ t the case any longer. In fact, that notion has gone the way of the dinosaur as the concept of caring about the way you look is uniformly embraced by modern society. In the last decade the aesthetic dermatology field has absolutely exploded and there is no end in sight. Since aesthetic dermatology procedures and treatments are only growing in availability and acceptance, job security in the field is rock solid.

  5. Millennials are different:

    The traditional notion of a Caucasian, gray-haired doctor with a stethoscope in a lab coast is antiquated. Millennials embrace healthcare providers of varying national origins, religions, sexual orientations, genders and ages. One of the most inspiring things about the aesthetic dermatology field is how inclusive and accepting it is. Potential success in aesthetic dermatology isn’ t predetermined by gender, national origin, race, religion or sexual orientation. While many hospital and outpatient healthcare settings still live in the past, aesthetic dermatology clinics and millennials seeking elective treatments embrace clinician diversity.

  6. Work/Life Balance and Schedule Flexibility:

    Hospitals and urgent care centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And even traditional doctor offices have extended and weekend hours. Why? Because it impossible to predict when an individual will become ill. This isn’ t the case with aesthetic dermatology clinics however; Patients are simply booked at the convenience of the treating clinician. Why do you think that dermatology is the most competitive residency specialty for physicians? Because healthcare practitioners in aesthetic dermatology, physicians as well as NPs, PAs, RN are afforded the most flexible of all healthcare schedules and what surely must be the best work/life balance in the entire industry.

  7. Support of Friends and Family:

    It’ s really difficult for friends and family to relate to the daily stresses that healthcare providers experience. Illness, pain and even death – those are just some of the things that some clinicians unfortunately are required to be comfortable with. And it should be noted that many healthcare providers don’ t want to come home and complain about their jobs either. As a result, the lines of communication between healthcare providers and their friends/family are often disabled. The elective treatments offered in aesthetic dermatology offer just the opposite; friends and family flock to discussions involving treatments that make patients look, and feel, better about themselves.

  8. Job vs. Occupation vs. Career:

    A ‘ job’ is simply an activity that you perform to earn money when you are young. An ‘ occupation’ defines the type of work you perform on a regular basis to pay your bills. But a ‘ career’ , in many ways, defines who you are. A career expresses your passion and your calling. A career is a journey of learning and a means by which your personal strengths and attributes are appreciated in a work setting and help forge your financial future.. Aesthetic dermatology, unlike many other healthcare professions, isn’ t a job and isn’ t an occupation… it is a career.

  9. A Smart Investment:

    Advancing your education is the most important investment you can ever make;Its rewarding intellectually as well as financially. So for emotional, personal, and social reasons as well as your own long-term career ambitions, you owe it to yourself to considering making the investment to advance your education in the field of aesthetic dermatology. And unlike other medical specialties, entering the Aesthetic Dermatology market can be fast and efficient with the right training